a new go-to market for
your financial data.

As a financial data vendor, curating high-quality financial data should be enough. But it’s not. You need to build a product, hire a marketing team and start a sales motion. Let us help.

What do we offer?

Increase your Client Reach

Become a data provider on our platform and reach thousands of potential clients for your financial data without any upfront listing fees. Our pay-only-for-success model sets us apart from other data marketplaces and ensures our commitment to your success.

Improve the Value of Datasets

During all of our user interviews and surveys, one thing stood out the most – investors value having access to all datasets in one place. You can enhance the worth of your datasets by enabling users to blend data from multiple sources and apply OpenBB analytics layers on top.

Reduce the Time to Market

Providing data is not enough. Users need tools like visualization and backtesting. Creating a billing system can be time-consuming and expensive. Use our pre-built infrastructure and billing system to save time and resources, and focus on delivering quality data.

The OpenBB Data Marketplace

High-quality data is critical for investment decisions. But sourcing trustworthy data is hard, time-consuming,
and expensive, which hinders investment opportunities. Let us handle that for you.

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Seamless Integration
No listing fee

*We are starting with the Affiliate Program which over time will set up the base for the marketplace.


These data vendors work with us either through our affiliate program - which refers users to their datasets.
Or through a tight integration with the OpenBB Terminal Pro.

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