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OpenBB Platform

For developers looking for a free, open-source platform designed with data standardization and flexibility in mind.
Benefit from the open source community
Free and accessible from anywhere
Micro- and macroeconomics
Hundreds of financial and economic datasets
Automate investment research workflow
Share OpenBB routines with the community
Access the OpenBB Network
Additionally, join the 20,000 servers that already use OpenBB Bot to bring financial data to Discord & Telegram.


OpenBB Terminal Pro + Excel Add-in

For larger businesses or organizations seeking an advanced UI and customizable AI-powered solutions.
Includes all Open Source features
Build your custom backend
Native integrations (e.g. SQLite and Snowflake)
Add custom copilot
Admin roles
Manage organization
Share dashboards with organization
Create templates
9-5 US support via email

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