Explore Our different Pricing Options

Explore the different pricing options we have to offer. We have a free and open source plan, as well as a professional plan for teams. For inquires, reach out to sales@openbb.finance.


Free / Forever

And open source!

Everything you need to do investment research.

This grants you access to the OpenBB Platform (data API endpoints) and OpenBB Terminal (command line interface) which includes:
  • Benefit from the open source community
  • Free and accessible from anywhere
  • Micro- and macroeconomics
  • Hundreds of financial and economic datasets
  • Advanced AI/ML Analytics
  • Automate investment research workflow
  • Share OpenBB routines with the community
  • Access the OpenBB Network
Furthermore, use the OpenBB Bot to bring financial data to your Discord / Telegram server, like more than 17,000 servers already do.


OpenBB Pro

+ open source ecosystem

Professional grade investment research cloud-based application focused on customizability and collaboration. Features include:
  • Fully manage your UI with custom dashboards
  • Bring your own data
  • Share dashboard templates with your organization
  • Create charts from raw data
  • Add notes and create reports in seconds
  • Build your own extensions and widgets
  • Use AI to chat with widgets
  • OpenBB Add-in for Excel
On top of this, you have access to all enterprise features such as: SSO, Admin roles and 9-5 US priority support.

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