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Streamline every step of your due diligence process, from deal sourcing to portfolio management, with the Terminal Pro

Centralize your investment research workflow

OpenBB enables private equity firms to access comprehensive datasets for their due diligence process, enhanced with AI features and visualization capabilities. All in one single platform.

Get all the data you need in one single platform

Efficiently managing and integrating vast amounts of data from various sources can be a challenge, right? But we know it is crucial to enable comprehensive, accurate analysis.

Terminal Pro offers out-of-the-box data on 30,000 public companies, featuring over 15 years of standardized financial statements, regulatory filings, analyst consensus, estimates, and more.

We also enable seamless integration of data from CSV/Excel files, public APIs, Snowflake, SQL databases, and more, enhancing your operational efficiency and decision-making.

Speed up your due diligence with AI

Conducting thorough due diligence is crucial but often involves labor-intensive processes and manual data analysis.

Our AI Copilot can automate data analysis, highlight key insights, and identify potential risks, speeding up the due diligence process while ensuring accuracy.

Reduce manual analysis time by uploading industry reports on companies or competitors and getting the Copilot to extract and interpret key information for you.

Build and update your financial valuations

Unlike other Excel solutions, the Terminal Pro allows you to access all datasets, including proprietary ones you bring in.

With our Add-in for Excel, you can efficiently build and update your valuation models with no need for manual updates, ensuring timely accurate analyses.

This integration improves your modeling capabilities and decision-making by increasing accuracy and reliability.

Share and communicate insights with your team

Generating accurate and timely reports for stakeholders and compliance purposes is essential but often resource-intensive.

Our sharing capabilities help you with this process, allowing you to quickly communicate insights (without the need to export data to Excel), build charts, and create slide decks.

Create compelling dashboards to communicate investment theses and performance updates to senior management or investors.

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