Hedge Funds

Maximize returns with cutting-edge data analytics. Make informed and timely investment decisions with tools that help you aggregate and analyze data from various sources.

Centralized data management for better and faster analysis

We know you rely on diverse data sources daily — market data, alternative datasets, economic indicators, and proprietary research.
Terminal Pro allows you to integrate and manage all these datasets on an all-in-one platform.

Comprehensive Market Data

Coverage of 30,000 public companies and 15 years of standardized financial statements. Real-time news, ETFs, currencies, and macroeconomic data are also supported.

Bring Your Own Data

Incorporate any proprietary data into your research environment, whether it's a CSV/JSON file, a PDF document, an API endpoint, an RSS feed, a local database, or warehouse like Snowflake.

Data Management

Manage all your datasets in one place and control your teams’ access to our product suite — Terminal Pro and Add-in for Excel. You choose which users can see and edit each dashboard.

Accelerate Your Idea Generation with AI

Doing research and developing investment strategies often involves reading numerous articles and industry reports and monitoring macroeconomic trends.

Our AI Copilot can leverage any data available on your dashboard (even data that you integrated) and streamline your tasks by extracting key insights in a fraction of the time.

Meet your new always-available financial assistant.

Share insights and reports

Create and share customized dashboards with your colleagues, senior management, or board members to easily communicate up-to-date financial performance, strategic plans, and market positioning. Our built-in charting enables quick visualization and insights extraction.

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