Corporate Investors

Upgrade your investor relations with advanced dashboards and AI on Terminal Pro.

Stay ahead with real-time analytics and AI

Our terminal provides professionals with powerful tools to aggregate, analyze, and share financial insights. Whether preparing for earnings calls, investor meetings, or monitoring market trends, our platform meets your needs.

One-Stop Solutions for Investor Relations

To effectively manage communications, teams need a blend of market data and company performance insights. OpenBB Terminal Pro allows you to integrate and manage these datasets, all in one platform. Create one dashboard where you can stay on top of everything.

Comprehensive market data

Coverage of 30,000 public companies and 15 years of standardized financial statements. Real-time news, ETFs, currencies, and macroeconomic data are also supported.

Bring Your Own Data

Incorporate any proprietary data into your research environment, whether it's a CSV/JSON file, a PDF document, an API endpoint, an RSS feed, a local database, or it lives on Snowflake.

Data Management

Manage all your datasets in one place and control your teams’ access to our product suite — Terminal Pro and Add-in for Excel. You choose which users can see and edit each dashboard.

Save time with AI

Use our AI Copilot to extract information, highlight key insights, and quickly identify potential risks of data that you have readily available on our product.

Skip reading endless reports; create summaries in seconds and assess their impact on your company’s performance and investors’ expectations.

Share and Communicate Insights

Create and share customized dashboards with your colleagues, senior management, or board members, easily communicating up-to-date financial performance, strategic plans, and market positioning. Our built-in charting enables quick visualization and insights extraction, building charts, and creating slide decks.

Get started today

Transform your investor relations strategy with our cutting‑edge visualization terminal. Contact us for a personalized demo.

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