Asset Managers

Optimize investment strategies with advanced data analytics on Terminal Pro. Our integrated platform helps you improve asset allocation, portfolio management, and client reporting.

Let us handle data integration for you

Asset managers oversee a diverse range of investments, requiring robust tools for data integration, analysis and strategy development.

Our Terminal Pro was designed to meet the specific needs of mid-sized asset management firms who want to stay ahead of the curve.

One-stop shop for your investment process

Financial advisors handle vast amounts of data from many different sources. Save time and avoid siloed processes. It’s time for accurate and comprehensive analysis.

Access to market data: Terminal Pro provides out-of-the-box data on 30,000 public companies, including over 15 years of standardized financial statements, regulatory filings, analyst consensus, estimates, and more. Additionally, we support macroeconomic data, ETF holdings, indices, currencies, and more.

One-stop data integration: We also enable seamless integration of necessary data from CSV/Excel files or third-party data vendors. Consolidate disparate data into one unified dashboard for a comprehensive view of your financial landscape, enhancing your decision-making and operational efficiency.

Accelerate your idea generation with AI

Doing research and developing investment strategies often involves reading numerous articles and industry reports and monitoring macroeconomic trends.

Our AI Copilot can leverage any data available on your dashboard (even data that you integrated) and streamline your tasks by extracting key insights in a fraction of the time.

Meet your new always-available financial assistant.

Effortlessly create and share reports

Generating accurate and timely reports for stakeholders and compliance purposes is essential but often resource-intensive.

Customizable Reports: Tailor reports to meet the specific preferences and needs of each client, improving client engagement and satisfaction, with built-in charting and sharing capabilities.

Sharing capabilities: Provide clients with access to a secure platform where they can view their portfolio performance and reports, enhancing transparency and trust. Control access levels to maintain data security and integrity.

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