Getting Started

OpenBB Terminal is a modern investment research platform for everyone. It is a desktop application that allows you to access all the data and tools you need to make better investment decisions.

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Python-based integrated environment for investment research that leverages state-of-the-art Data Science and Machine Learning technologies. Navigate through over 800 functionalities.

Machine Learning Forecasting

The forecasting menu allows quants, data scientists and AI enthusiasts to forecast asset prices utilizing state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) models. These can be trained by combining multiple financial time series, and allows out-of-the-box feature engineering.

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Select one of several of the latest state-of-the-art models (from regression to transformers and LSTM) to predict any asset price. As an input, any type of financial time series can be utilized.

Automation and Scripting

The OpenBB Terminal features the tools to export data to Excel and provides scripting capabilities through .openbb scripts. This allow users to execute routines which can be any combination of commands within the OpenBB Terminal, being able to perform an instant advanced analysis of any instrument. Furthermore, the .openbb scripts can also serve as documentation for research projects on how the regression results have been achieved.

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By using the --export argument, export any data you wish directly to an Excel workbook or other file type.


This menu gives you the ability to create a due diligence report template with Jupyter notebook and run it with different parameters each time. Create your own investment research workflow and save something more important than money: time.

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Build your own set of rules that allow you to either dig more through the report to make a decision or skip to the next ticker.


Build interactive dashboards to have a more interactive experience with the data. This will help you to understand the market faster.

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Delve deeper into currency futures and take advantage of the plotting functionalities of the Plotly library to build more interactive plots.


As an investor, you must be frustrated over the affordable existing tools to help you manage your portfolio. We are too. This menu will help every investor track, assess and optimize their portfolio. Plus, we allow an unparalleled level of customization.

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The efficient frontier comprises investment portfolios that offer the highest expected return for a specific level of risk.


Much of the Financial theory comes from Econometrics, the application of statistical methods to economic data. With this menu we provide the user the ability to use custom data to perform these advanced techniques including a variety of statistical tests and multi-linear regression models.

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Apply a time series regression using ordinary least-squares method to estimate the unknown parameters that better fit this dataset model.

Importing and Exporting

Export any dataset whether that is a text file (xlsx, csv) or figure (png, jpeg). Import your own proprietary datasets within OpenBB locally without needing to compromise your alpha.

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By using the '--export' argument, export any data with the format you desire, e.g. `--export xlsx'

Customize the Terminal

Design a personal colouring scheme and apply it to your own version.

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