Access financial data, for free. Our open source platform leverages the community to integrate with close to 100 different data sources from asset classes such as equity, options, crypto, forex, macro economy, fixed income, alternative datasets and more.

A single endpoint for accessing financial data

Accessing financial data can be a struggle, requiring significant time and effort. Our platform simplifies this process by providing a single endpoint to connect with close to 100 different data sources.

A single endpoint for accessing financial data

use our python library or a web api interface

Our platform was built with scalability and flexibility in mind. We allow developers to rely on our Python library or consuming the financial data through a web API.

A single endpoint for accessing financial data

CREATE extensions for your organization

The main benefit of leveraging our open source platform is that you have access to the entire codebase. In addition, you can create custom extensions that can be made available to all OpenBB users or be kept private within your organization.

A single endpoint for accessing financial data

Generate insights from datasets 10 times faster

Our platform provides built-in charting capabilities for most financial datasets, allowing developers to analyze and visualize data quickly. This not only allows research to happen faster but enables users to check for data quality.

A single endpoint for accessing financial data


One of the only industries yet to be conquered by open source, OpenBB has unlocked what has been missing for a Quant to quickly become productive. With out-of-the-box aggregation of multiple sources of high quality data and provision of numerous sophisticated analysis tools, OpenBB Terminal 2.0 can help anyone perform investment research like a professional. And with the open and flexible new SDK, Python is the limit! We have successfully integrated OpenBB Terminal 2.0 using the SDK into our investment research workflows.

José Governo

TERA Capital

Get started with openbb
in python

pip install openbb

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