Say goodbye to manually adding data with our Add-in for Excel

With the OpenBB Terminal Pro, you will get the Add-in for Excel, gaining access to a wealth of standardized financial data from various sources, complete with automatic data refreshes. Concentrate on extracting insights instead of collecting data.

Breadth of data

We provide a dependable dataset covering various asset classes like stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and macroeconomics. Save time with instant updates and easy comparison across providers.

Bring your own data

With OpenBB Add-in for Excel, you will enjoy unrestricted access to data. Data that you bring to the Terminal Pro will become accessible from Excel directly.

Excel templates

Quickly start your analysis with our pre-made templates, which range from equity research to comprehensive discounted cash flow (DCF) or macroeconomic analyses.

Get started with our templates

These templates are designed to help you perform a variety of tasks, from equity analysis to economic analysis.
Download to get started with your financial analysis.
Equity Analysis

Equity Analysis

This workbook offers access to data from the Equity dashboard in Terminal Pro, presenting key equity information.
Equity Snapshot

Equity Snapshot

This workbook compares different stock peers based on their stock performance and fundamental data.

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