May 26, 2023 2 MIN

Reviewpad Collaboration and Use Case

OpenBB has partnered with Reviewpad to create an automated system that facilitates faster code review on GitHub. For OpenBB, this is important because as we grow, we need to ensure our team is able to maintain a high-quality product while also not limiting our progress and evolution.

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Let's delve into the backstory. In early November 2022, during the Web Summit in Lisbon, we had the pleasure of meeting Tiago, the Head of Engineering, along with other Reviewpad representatives. Their visit to our booth was marked by their genuine enthusiasm for our open-source project, OpenBB Terminal. As we engaged in a brief conversation, it became evident that our teams shared a great rapport, instantly sparking our excitement to embark on a collaborative journey.

We soon found ourselves discussing the common challenges we encounter, such as dealing with extensive diffs in pull requests. So, right then and there, we took out our laptops and coded up a nifty automation to tag PRs based on the size of the diff. If you want to check out the commit from the booth that day, click here.

This collaboration marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership that has led to the creation of valuable features for working with PRs more efficiently.

Here's how it works

Pull requests (PRs) are an essential part of the way our team at OpenBB implements new features and tools. Reviewpad is a GitHub bot that helps us with routine tasks related to managing the PRs in our main repository. Every time someone creates a pull request, Reviewpad checks the PR against a set of rules that were specifically crafted for OpenBB from our asks and specs.

It really helps us handle the simple routine things that usually don't take much time but can't be disregarded. Those include checking that some critical parts of the repository (like our dependency tree) are being treated with special care and enforcing branching rules that make our repository more organized.

Reviewpad has become an important part of our code review process here at OpenBB, and we look forward to the continued partnership, implementing new tools and features into our workflows.

All the checks that we use on the OpenBB Terminal repository are open source (of course). You can explore them here.

Feel free to adapt these patterns for your own projects if you find them useful!

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