Sep 26, 2022 2 MIN

Meet Martin Bufi

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My name is Martin, and I contribute to the OpenBB terminal as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer. I currently reside in Toronto, Canada.

My artificial intelligence journey started back in 2010 when pursuing autonomous robotics, which provided me with a comprehensive background in applied Deep Learning. In addition, I bring forward all the experience and knowledge I have gathered over my 12+ years of software engineering. This includes working in a fusion of software and artificial intelligence at top companies in many technology verticals such as finance, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and robotics.

My role and contributions at OpenBB are integrating the latest machine learning technologies, applied deep learning architectures, and algorithms into the terminal; all packaged into a robust toolkit for communities worldwide to perform research and experimentation.

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As OpenBB states, “Open to anyone’s input. Open to everyone’s work.”

This is what makes this movement, terminal and company so unique - an independent community at the intersection of technology and finance leading the change to provide tools to the masses. It’s time we include machine learning into that mission and allow experts in all fields to experiment with the latest models to obtain the best results without being hindered by code or library versions.

What started as a small request through a PR, turned into an entirely new idea space within the terminal, including a new feature roadmap and an entire re-imagination of “what could be” in the field of fintech with machine learning. The people at OpenBB are brilliant, enthusiastic and kind; contributing to this vision alongside everyone from all over the world has been an utmost pleasure and I cannot wait to see what we build next.

I know the community appreciates all the work behind the scenes at OpenBB to democratize investment research, and it’s only just begun. The future is bright, and I am very proud to be able to contribute to this mission.

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