Sep 3, 2022 2 MIN

Meet Jeroen Bouma

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My name is Jeroen and I am currently a Product Manager at OpenBB. In this role, I speak with Financial professionals to pick their brain and apply my investment knowledge to prioritize features, set the roadmap for the upcoming months and help build anticipated features.

Developers may know me from my other packages, FinanceDatabase and FundamentalAnalysis, that are also used extensively within the OpenBB Terminal and highlight my interest for programming.

My passion for Finance is shown by my BSc in Economics, MSc in Quantitative Finance, completing CFA level 1 and now continuing with a 2.5 years post-master education titled Registered Financial Analyst (RBA) which covers the entire investment process and new techniques and innovations in the Finance domain.

Directly translating this knowledge into useful features and improvements for OpenBB Terminal is what got me so interested in working for OpenBB. There are very little firms that allow you to delve this deep into the Finance materials on a daily basis.

I can not help but highlight the culture within the OpenBB team. As my colleagues live all over the world (e.g. London, Portugal, France, the United States and Canada) we have such a diversified team which makes working together and observing so many different perspectives very insightful. Next to that, because I have the complete freedom to work when and wherever I want, I figured, why not travel and visit my colleagues?

Lastly, working for an Open Source company is very rewarding to see a constantly growing community. It is empowering to observe the increasing interest for Open Source within the financial industry as professionals are starting to ask themselves the question: “Why are we paying for proprietary models when there is a free open source (FOSS) alternative?”. This is exactly what OpenBB is trying to achieve and I am very proud to be able to contribute to this goal.

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