Jan 24, 2023 3 MIN

Introduction to the OpenBB Terminal

An introduction is given regarding the OpenBB Terminal in which the structure, the basics and two use-cases are presented.

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The OpenBB Terminal is discontinued. Please find out more about it here.

With many of the academic initiatives we are doing, like our partnerships with Warwick and Loughborough University, Indiana University and RMIT University, the purpose is to enlighten the students with the capabilities of the OpenBB Terminal and how it can be used within investment clubs, courses and projects.

As part one of these initiatives, I've been introducing the OpenBB Terminal to the students at Athens University in which I go over the structure, the basics and two use-cases. The goal was to give a clear overview of some of the capabilities of the OpenBB Terminal and explain to the students how they can use the OpenBB Terminal for their market and investment reports. While I show a couple of ways to use the OpenBB Terminal, this doesn't even come close to the full capabilities as we have over 900 different commands.

Within this session the following topics were touched upon:

  • Basic functionality of the OpenBB Terminal

    • An introduction to the OpenBB Terminal
    • Structure and universal commands
    • Basic functionality by using market data
    • Fundamental analysis, data sources & API keys
    • Financial statements & Excel exports
    • Macro economics & economic databases
  • Analysing the global economy of 2022

    • Getting an overal sense of the economy of 2022
    • Government bond yields and Consumer price indices (CPI)
    • Labour statistics and the gross domestic product (GDP)
    • Exchange rates of EUR/USD and EUR/JPY
    • Commodity futures of gold and oil
  • Company analysis on Coca-Cola

    • Obtaining a company description and stock performance
    • Look into historical Performance and discounted cashflow analysis (DCF)
    • Understand future performance estimations
    • Compare performance to main competitors

This session was recorded and can be found below. It serves as a great introduction how to use the OpenBB Terminal. I also suggest to check out the OpenBB Documentation for a more thorough explanation of each section. It is important to note that, especially for the company analysis, there are countless of methods to perform analysis and the video just showcases one of the many methods. To find the presentation, to be able to run the commands, use this link.

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