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The Future of Financial Courses in Academia

At OpenBB, we're reshaping the landscape of investment research in academia by providing unrestricted access to financial data and tools. Our mission is to empower professors and students with the resources they need to explore new ideas and excel in finance education.

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The Need for Change

In our journey to introduce OpenBB into universities, we have been overwhelmed by the positive response. Universities across the globe have reached out to us, highlighting the pressing need for our solution. Currently, students and professors often face the inconvenience of traveling to campus and waiting in queues to access proprietary research software. We believe there's a better way.

OpenBB: A Paradigm Shift

OpenBB is leading the change in democratizing access to financial data and tools. Our platform offers students and professors the ability to explore multiple years of historical data, delve into financial modeling, gain insights into the overall economy of countries, and much more. With the OpenBB Terminal, academia can embrace a new era of investment research. And who better to help than the current biggest financial project on GitHub right now.

Why Choose OpenBB?

  • Free Access for Everyone: OpenBB provides free investment research tools to professors, students, and finance enthusiasts without any restrictions. Whether you're teaching a finance course or pursuing academic research, our platform offers a comprehensive set of tools to put financial theory into practice. Experience the freedom to explore without limitations.

  • Remote Accessibility: Break free from the confines of specific locations or computers. OpenBB's products are designed for seamless accessibility from anywhere, enabling professors and students to access investment research tools both in the classroom and beyond. Whether you're at home, in the library, or traveling, OpenBB ensures that the resources you need are always at your fingertips.

  • Open Source for Robustness and Innovation: OpenBB is the largest financial project on GitHub and is built on the principles of open source collaboration. With over 100 contributors continuously improving the software, OpenBB ensures its robustness, security, and innovation. Join a community of experts dedicated to enhancing the quality of investment research.

  • Powered by Python: Python is the language of choice for finance, known for its ability to manipulate and analyze large financial datasets effortlessly. OpenBB's platform is built in Python, allowing developers to leverage existing resources readily available in the finance community. Dive into the world of data-driven finance with ease.

Practical Usage

OpenBB's practical applications extend across various domains within academia, including investment courses, case studies, finance societies, investment clubs, academic research, and career development opportunities. Here are some examples:

  • Investment Courses: Access 30+ years of fundamental data, economy datasets, and asset classes to create teaching materials and case studies based on real-world examples.

  • Finance Societies: Generate equity and market reports using OpenBB's comprehensive financial data. Workshops such as "How to perform adequate Equity Research" equip members with essential skills.

  • Academic Research: Analyze financial markets, test theories and hypotheses, and export data to Excel for further analysis using OpenBB's data and tools.

  • Career Development: Develop in-demand skills for finance and investment careers. OpenBB covers areas such as Equity Research, Fixed Income, Portfolio Management, and Macro-economic research, providing familiarity with industry-standard tools.

Find more on our Academia use cases page here.

Join the OpenBB Community

Stay connected with OpenBB through our engaging webinars, where we explore the applications of the OpenBB Terminal. Follow our social media for updates on upcoming events. For example, we recently hosted the "Getting Started with OpenBB Terminal" webinar, accessible here.

OpenBB has garnered praise from reputable universities and finance societies. Testimonials from partners like the Kelley School of Business (Indiana University), Warwick Finance Society, AUEB Students' Investment & Finance Club, and Loughborough Finance and Investment Society highlight the impact of OpenBB's platform on financial education and research.

After the release of OpenBB Terminal 3.0, multiple universities have reached out to collaborate with us. Interested in partnering with us? Visit our Academia page here.

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