OpenBB provides investment club, finance society, and SMIF members with rich financial data that enhances their financial knowledge and career opportunities.

Perform Due Diligence with the OpenBB Terminal

OpenBB provides 30+ years of financial statements, analyst reports, and market data for public equities, allowing direct financial due diligence in the OpenBB Terminal. See Coca-Cola as an example in our Course Materials.

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Practical Examples

Understanding Financial Theory

Explore financial theory and its practical applications across various asset classes such as public equities, fixed income, and mutual funds with OpenBB, allowing members to gain valuable insights into how financial markets and economies are affected.

Investment Due Diligence

Through the availability of 30+ years of company financials, market capitalization, revenue, profit and margin trends, valuation techniques, historical market data, analyst recommendations and key macro economic indicators thorough due diligence can be performed. This allows members to propose new investment ideas and demonstrate real-life company and/or sectors valuations.

Economic Market Reports

Access 30+ years of financial data and macroeconomic indicators on companies, including market trends, analyst recommendations, and valuation techniques to perform thorough due diligence and propose new investment ideas.

Career Opportunities

Members can gain practical experience with financial analysis by working with updated datasets and applying financial theory directly to financial markets, and OpenBB's interconnected software ensures familiarity with products used in any firm or university.

Use Cases

See how we've worked with several universities to introduce the OpenBB platform and how our technology and solutions democratize access to investment research.

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Loughborough University

Working together with the Loughborough Finance and Investment Society, we've seen a large interest in our software for the students citing the need for such a platform in the current academic environment.

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Warwick University

The Warwick Finance Society gave us the opportunity to showcase the OpenBB Terminal directly to the students, allowing the students to experience first hand what the power of an open-source investment research platform is and how they can utilise our products within their classes.

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NOVA University

The NOVA SBE Portfolio Management club sees great opportunities in the usage of the OpenBB SDK as it empowers the members to design and automate their Equity investment reports quoting in their own words “Christmas has come early“.

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RMIT University

The RMIT University made use of the open source nature of the OpenBB Terminal in which a group of Data Scientists were asked to work with OpenBB to contribute to the project and design their own addition to the software. One of the many examples how any type of student can be involved.

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Utrecht University

Understanding the need for Python within the Financial industry is important. Utrecht University understands the importance and teaches their Finance students about the programming language. In addition, the University collaborated with OpenBB to further talk about the role of Python and what OpenBB brings to the table.

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Indiana University

Not only technical students can actively contribute to the OpenBB Terminal as MBA students from Indiana University got involved to understand the current market conditions for investment research platforms in the United States as well as the major benefit OpenBB gives within the academia space.

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Oxford Finance Society

Students from the Oxford Finance Society got to understand the capabilities of the OpenBB Routine scripts better, vital for being able to export large datasets of 30+ years of income, balance and cash flow statements directly into Excel.

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Lisbon Data Science Academy

Due to our vast collection of financial data and investment research tools, we were able to organize a Hackathon for the Lisbon Data Science Academy students. Within this Hackathon, we challenged the students to apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques on market data in which we utilised capabilities of the OpenBB SDK.

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The AUEB Students' Investment & Finance Club

Through a detailed workshop, we've provided the investment club with enough guidance and information that they have decided to integrate the OpenBB platform into their projects which include global markets reports, equity research reports and similar.

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